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The attorneys of Needham Mitnick & Pollack are available to present free seminars on current issues in Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs & Medicaid Planning  to professional and non-professional groups upon request.  In the past, we have addressed accountants, financial planners, employees of government agencies, support groups, civic organizations, faith-based and volunteer groups, active retirees, staff and residents of adult communities and college alumni groups.

We enjoy the opportunity to educate the public and at the same time learn about the concerns of the people we meet. We have spoken to groups as small as ten and in excess of one hundred. Our list below is just a sample of what topics are available. We can very readily modify any topic to meet your group’s specific needs.

NEEDHAM MITNICK & POLLACK PLC is also available as an Exhibitor/Sponsor for Aging events.

Estate Planning Speaker


  • Estate Planning 101—The Basic Facts You Ought to Know.
  • Estate Planning 202—Taxable Estates and Techniques to Avoid Enriching the IRS.
  • Wills, Trusts And More. (Or Must I Leave Everything to My Children?)
  • Can I Control From Beyond the Grave?
  • How to Choose An Executor Or a Trustee.
  • What Are The Important Qualities Of a Guardian For a Minor.
  • Probate- What is it? Can I Avoid it?
  • Legal Tools to Stay In Control.


  • Planning For a Disabled Person.
  • Managing a Special Needs Trust—Yes, Virginia, There Are a Lot of Rules.
  • Acting as the Trustee of a Special Needs Trust—It’s Harder Than You Think.
  • Nursing Homes- The Unvarnished Truth.
  • Nursing Homes: Choosing One, Paying For It and Getting Good Care There.
  • Nursing Homes: Can They Kick You Out?
  • How to Best Advocate for a Family Member or Friend in a Hospital or Facility.
  • Public Benefits Made Simple.
  • Medicaid: How the Heck do I Figure it Out?
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Schmedicaid. Which Does What?
  • Veterans Aid & Attendance- The Basics.
Elder Law Seminars


  • Tips for the Sandwich Generation- How to Balance the Wishes of Aging Parents and Your Own Needs.
  • Planning For the Rest 0f Your (Probably) Long Life.
  • Hanging On to What You Have And Still Paying For The Care You Need.
  • What to Look For In Assisted Living and Nursing Home Contracts.
  • How Do I Compare Different Continuing Care Retirement Communities?
  • Long Term Care: What Are Your Options?
  • Housing And Long-Term Care: What Are Your Options?
  • What Happens When There Is No One To Make Your Decisions And You Can’t?
  • How to Keep The Court Out of Your Life if You Become Ill.
  • Planning So You Can Live the Rest of Your Life With Dignity.
  • Staying In Control: How To Choose the People to Make Your Decisions When You Cannot.
  • How to Stay In Control of Your Medical Decisions Even When You Are Unable to Communicate.
  • Advance Medical Directives: How Far Can You Go?
  • End Of Life- Having It Happen Your Way.
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